Tuesday, September 10, 2013



I was a little hesitant to read this one because I thought there would be a lot of BDSM in it but boy was I wrong!

Brianna was held as a slave against her will by Ian; a sadistic, evil, son of a... But was "rescued" by Stephan. She was confused and overwhelmed by the contrast between Ian and Stephan.


She was taken against her will. She was traumatized and abused beyond belief. Her world wasn't normal. Her innocence was taken and she was left broken and hallow.

She was written beautifully. I loved how she was portrayed. I wasn't affected with her crying as some are. I guess it's because she earned the right to those tears.

She found the thing she deserve the most...


You melt my heart, you jerk! 

Kidding, he's not really a jerk. He's one of the sweetest, thoughtful, most amazing hero that I've read. I guess he was intended to be an alpha, bass ass character but I did not see that in him. I saw him as a "savior" of some sort with a heart of gold!

He came at the right time to "rescue" Brianna. He was patient with her and really understanding. If it was somebody else maybe he would've chucked Brianna to somebody else to take care of her after buying her.

Overall, I liked the premise of the story and their interaction was what I like in this type of story. Cant wait to read the second book!!!

Would you recommend this book? Big, fat YES!

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