Friday, September 6, 2013

Smart, Sexy and Secretive


Emily and Logan's story continues...

Emily returned to New York to go to college and be with Logan again. They encountered her @$$ole of n ex and her dad is determined to make her see that they are not fit for each other while her mom says otherwise. And a tragic accident made everything clear.

They didn't have a smooth relationship, it's like everything and every step of their relationship was being challenged. But they were both determined to hang on and make it work.

EMILY is still the same spunky, set on her goal person who wont take anything less than what she wants -- and what she want is...



and her father's acceptance.


LOGAN is soooo sweet. He really is swoon worthy! 

He did everything he can to prove he is The One for Emily. He proved it to his family, to Emily's family and to the both of them. He even did the unthinkable without regrets.

Would you recommend this book? Oh hell YES!

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