Sunday, September 22, 2013

Friends Without Benefits


Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Elizabeth and Nico has been frenemies since they were little. Nico made Elizabeth's life a living nightmare, pulling stunts and basically torturing her.

Up until a month before Garett died. They tried to co-exist to make their friend's last few days bearable.

Then they shared a summer they wont forget after Garett passed. A summer that marked their lives but Elizabeth left... 

Fast forward to 11 years later.

Elizabeth is a very smart but sarcastic woman. She's a successful doctor in Chicago. She likes playing practical jokes and listening to boy bands (cringe and shudder!). She learned a lot of things she didn't know about Nico and their childhood relationship. Eventually she learned her priorities, to forgive and to love again.

Nico became a successful comedian in New York City. He kept his feelings for Elizabeth for 11 years but when they were kids he had really odd ways of showing it. He finally said what Elizabeth means to him and learn to show his feelings in a positive way.

The interesting part of their story didn't come until the last third of the book which kinda bummed me out. I hoped it was spread evenly throughout the book to make it more of a page turner. On the first two-thirds of it I kept on hoping that they would move o with their "issues".

Overall, I liked their crazy interactions and funny, sarcastic banters. There's a certain charm to it that I found it endearing.

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