Tuesday, September 24, 2013



Izzy and Axel were supposed to be together. He promised to return to her after his basic training in the Marines and Izzy promised to wait. But fate was not in their favor, throwing one loop after another.

Izzy is a sweet, caring, vulnerable woman who fell for the wrong guy (after Axel and their convoluted separation). Her abusive, sick, twisted ex-husband tried to separate her from her friends and family. She finally left their marriage six long f*cked up years.

She's strong in her own ways. She found a way to get past all of the fucked up shit she went through with the help of her best friend and a new foud friend, Greg. I liked her for that. She at least didn't give up on life (in general)

Axel is a hot alpha with a dirty, dirty mouth! 

And I like him for that! He never knew what really happened with his Izzy but after twelve years, just one look at her and all his feelings for her came crashing back.

I liked their story. I loved it from beginning til the end. I haven't read a book in a long while that had me turning the pages so fast 'cause I'm so hooked with their story.

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