Sunday, August 18, 2013



I'm so glad I picked this book! There are no regrets whatsoever.

Stripped is a story of a young woman who knows who she is and not scared to follow her dreams and eventually found the love of her life.


Grey trained to dance so she could express her fears, things that she can't tell her parents or friends. But she went through some tough times but she rolled with the punches and make do with the cards she was dealt with. She conquered everything even though she's scare out of her wits and came out of the other end (practically) unscathed.


Ohhh... Dawson! He went after what he wanted (as he explained -- he always get what he wants) and thankfully what he wanted also wants him.

If you want a story that deals with real, unadulterated emotions of being left lone then finding that someone who makes you feel -- just feel something. Then you should read this!

Would you recommend this book? Yes!

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