Monday, August 19, 2013

Forever Black

2.5 to 3 STARS

This is a story of fighting for your future, may it be bleak or bright.

Ellery and Connor have baggages upon baggages that they tried to overcome to be with each other. They talked and fought and walked away from each other but in the end they still found their happily ever after.


Fighting even if there's no more fight left in you is one way to describe Ellery Lane. She's stubborn and strong willed and loves to throw things and walk out when things dont go her way. I love those things about her.

She survived the death of her mother, her cancer, the death of her father then another crappy attack of her cancer. Good thing her bestfriend is understanding, she found other people who opened their arms for he and she found Connor


Okay... I loved that Connor loved Elle so much that he's thoughtful and generous and loving and selfless (at times). He took care of her and even though she had her batshit crazy moments he still stick with her through thick and thin (unlike his douche of an ex -- Kyle).

But there are some things that I dont like about Connor. He wanted to be alpha and all that shit but he cant back up all his words with action. He kept on shouting at Elle which I think is his way of turning "alpha" but for me he doesnt cut it.

There are also some stuff I'm not too happy about with this book;

1. Oodles of grammar mistakes but I'm not too affected by it. I finished the book, right? ;)

2. Elle and Connor's issues were lacking the punch I'm expecting it to be. Some of their situations were lukewarm.

3. Some of their "problems" werent really dealt with. I dont know what's up with that but it just fizzle out then poof! it's done.

I still like some part of the book and I like Elle and her friends, Payton and Mason (okay their names rhymed).

Would you recommend this book? yes (small letter Y, not much conviction there.)

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