Friday, August 9, 2013

Barely Surviving


Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Awesome, awesome prologue! I loved it! It was gripping and it makes you want to read faster know more yet you also want to read slower to savor it.

However, I cant believe it's a cliff hanger! I was kinda dreading the end because I can feel that I have to wait to know what happens next to Ava and Jonah.


Ava had it tough, she grew up without a father and with a distant, uncaring mother but with everything that happened to her, I liked that she found her family in London. She just need to get a grip and learn to share her feelings so it wont eat her up. She's sassy where it counts!


Jonah was hawt! As in panty-dripping, alpha male hot, take control man! And he's Irish, I love Irish men! Some things are left unsaid when it comes to his intentions and motives, that's what I wanted to know and I hope the second book would shed some light to this.

There are, however, some things that I did not like about this book.

1. Too much use of deep blues to emerald greens. It's just annoying for me. I mean, yes i get the color of their eyes, can we move on please.

2. The pacing from strangers to their i-cant-live-and-breathe-without-you is so fast, I feel like there should've been more, like something monumental (aside from the obvious sexual attraction) that made them so attracted and attached to each other.

3. There are grammatical flaws and some typos but it's nothing I cant move on and deal with. I know this is an ARC so I think there's still time to polish it.

Overall I liked this book, Their story is something that I would look forward to read, hopefully the second book would come out soon!

Great book, Courtney! Again, thank you for letting me read and review it. Good luck!

Would I recommend it? Oh yeah!

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