Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Watershed (Love Where You Roam #1)


*Got an ARC in exchange for an honest review.*

OMG! I cant believe I finished this book in just a few hours! I loved their story!

"What is for you wont pass you by." 

I loved that both characters are like two puzzles that fit together. They complement each other.

At first I though Gray would be the annoying brooding male lead but I was glad that's not entirely the case. I loved that he felt hexed by Maggie, I dunno why.

I loved that Maggie went out of her shell to find herself and her soulmate (Soulmate: that's my word for the day. Haha.)

Okay, I would like to say that there should be a sequel to Maggie and Gray's story. There, I said it.

Would I recommend this book? Hells yes!!!

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