Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hidden (Hiding From Love #1)


Got an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

OMG! Thank you for the opportunity to read your book Selena and this is indeed a welcomed relief from the book I've read before this.

"That's all it takes, Goldilocks" He answered. "Just once."

It took one date, one opportunity, one affirmative answer to make all the wrongs in both Lyndsey and Nick's lives right.

I loved that this books offered more than the usual boy-meets-girl story. There was more and that more was a really great romance, with a glimpse on real life situations and the thrill of a twist that makes you want to read faster to know what happened and also to read slower to savor the story.


She's built her life after all the unfortunate events that happened to her. I am in awe of how her character was written because I'm all for the empowered women. Yes, she was reserved but who wouldnt be with everything that went on with her life. But she tried her damnest to get out of the abusive relationship she's with and tried to build her life again from ground up.


"...Im really not a violent guy, Lynsey, but I'd have to kill anyone who ever hurt you."

Oh... Okay. Nick. You're hot. I loved that Nick has that macho man thing that made him want to pursue and catch Lynsey yet he was thoughtful, sweet and gentle with her. I liked that he was man enough to admit he needed to help himself and was not afraid to seek that help.

Would I recommend this book? Y-E-S!

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