Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beautiful Bastard


Let me just say that one of my cardinal rules in reading is to never give up on a book hoping it would redeem itself eventually. With that said...

I admit I'm one of those people. I didnt enjoy this book. When I picked it up, I was hoping that I would love it but regretfully I didnt. *sigh*
This was me when I was reading this book!

I would've given this book a lower rating if not for some of the funny moments Ben and Chloe shared. But to say that this book was a struggle to finish would be an understatement!

Ben and Chloe's internal struggles were so long and winding. I mean, man/woman up! Go get a pair and deal with it. How I lasted with all those feelings of self doubt and trying to force yourself not to fall inlove was... Argh! I dont even have a word for it!

Aside from their rants that they cant be with each other and sex then realizing they want to be together (finally!!!) then more sex there's nothing more that this book offered me.

I wish I didnt force myself to finish this book. I could've given my precious time to something else. That was two weeks (that's how much of a struggle this was) of my reading time I'll never get back! "Learn to pick your battles," my mom would say.

I seriously wanted to smash my reader because of what I'm reading but I love my reader more than the intense anger Im feeling towards the book

Would I recommend this book? Hell fucking NO!

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