Tuesday, July 30, 2013


3.5 to 4 STARS

*Got an ARC for an honest review.*

"I see the lights every night. It seems like the whole world has figured out how to be happy, but no one's letting me in on the secret."

There's something amiss yet right with this book. I was torn in the first half of the book, I'm not sure how to construed all of it. Like somehow feeling that there's something wrong yet it feels right. 

Though, for me, it's still taboo but reading their story with an open mind made it easier to finish the book.

"I'm also thinking the night I met you was like someone handed me a winning lottery ticket and said, 'You can only have it if you dont tell anyone.'"

h: I liked that Maise was smart beyond her years. Yes, she was cynical but who wouldn't with everything that happened to her. And I loved that she didnt let Evan dissuade her from her plans of going to college and making something of herself.

H: Evan... Eric... Hmmm... I'm not totally inlove with him. Maybe because I didnt get his side fully. [But atleast he chose to be with Maise in the end.

The story was written beautifully, like lyrical poetry or some shit like that. I liked it! It is not your average happily ever after love story. 

"We have no age. We exist outside of time. We're timeless."

Would I recommend this book? Yes!

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