Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Carnie Ride

3 to 3.5 STARS

Got an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

There's something fun and mystical about carnivals, sometimes you loose yourself. And that's what happened to Lightie that night. She lost her self and found a hunk of a man.

The book was a quick read, like it wont take you an hour. However, the writing was like all over the place.

h: Lightie/Amanda is a single mom who's worried about her kid and their life. I am torn with her character; she was described as princess-like beautiful but she doesnt show it often and in her internal monologue she's worried about her kid but she let her off and talk back to her.

H: I feel like Lauren/Deemer/Broken Stick was described better. He smiles and talks with Lightie, he seems like a good guy (being convicted aside) and he has an interesting story.

I would love to know what happens next after their night together. Atleast they know that what they have might have a happily ever after. :)

Would I recommend this book? Maybe. It depends on who needs the recomm.

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