Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Never Been Ready

Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Well, wow! This is such an amazing read that I finished it up in one night. Oh how I wish for more!

This is Declan and Leah's story. It started as a one time thing but it's the start of their forever...

It was a sweet, hot and fun story. You can tell from the beginning that they clicked. Their chemistry was not forced and their story naturally progressed.Their story didn't make me cry (unlike the first book) but it sure made me laugh!


I am 100% happy that Leah was not a whiny, annoying, i-wish-never-to-read-again kind of heroine. She was funny, smart and (from the mental image i have of her) she's hot!


Okay, I have a thing for those Hollywood, reformed bad boy type. And Declan definitely fit the bill. He was crazy about Leah but in an endearing way.

I hope to read more from the Ready series and I wish I'm right with my haunch who the next story will be. *cross fingers*

Again, thank you Jennifer in allowing me to read and review your work. I had a blast reading it!

<b>Would I recommend this book? 101% YES!</b>

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