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Never Been Ready – Teaser #1

From JL Ber's post.

Never Been Ready – Teaser #1

“So when exactly do I get my strip tease?” I asked.

“Well that’s up to you hot shot.”

“Hot shot?”

“Yep. Cocky attitude, arrogant disposition and sexy as fuck. It’s a good nickname.”

“Alright, so what are your terms Leah?” I fought back the urge to touch her. Stuffing my hands in my pockets, I paced the room in a vain attempt at keeping myself from just saying “fuck it” and pinning her against the wall before she could lay down any terms or requirements. Because whatever she was about to say, I was going to agree. She didn’t know it, but she had my balls in her hands and I was at her fucking mercy. I both hated and wanted her at the same time. She made me feel weak with need and out of control. But I couldn’t stop the pursuit. I couldn’t walk away.

“I will not be an easy fuck whenever you get too lazy to find a new bimbo for the evening. I will not allow you in my bed wondering where you’ve been and what kind of sloppy seconds I’m getting,” she declared, before saying the one thing I never wanted to hear.

“I want to be exclusive with you. For however long we decide to do this. I don’t care about labels, or dates. You don’t have to take me out to dinner, bring me flowers or buy me anniversary presents. The only thing I ask is that for the time we are together, you are mine.”

“Yes,” I answered immediately, surprising us both.

“Yes? That’s it? No counter offer? No freak out or temper tantrum Declan?”

“No Leah, no temper tantrum. Just one request,” I answered.

“And what’s that Hot Shot?”

“Make it two,” I amended. “First, the same rules apply to you. While we’re together, for however long, you’re mine Leah,” I purred against her ear. Her eyes widened and her breath picked up pace giving me a quick sense of satisfaction that I’d broken through her calm and collected exterior.

“And second?” she asked timidly.

“Don’t fucking call me Hot Shot.”

She visibly relaxed and snorted out a laugh before saying, “So not happening, Hot Shot.”

Never Been Ready
by J.L. Berg
February 1st 2014

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