Monday, December 30, 2013

Fighting to Forget teaser

From J.L. Salsbury's Facebook post.

Thank you for all your support! Here's a little *unedited* teaser for book three, Fighting to Forget!

Content advisory: Bad language. You've been warned.

Fighting to Forget
Chapter 2
Set up: Training with the boys at the UFL TC.

"Right. I’ll meet you over there.” Caleb claps me on the shoulder.
I wince at the sharp, yet gratifying, zap of pain.
“You injured?”
“Nah, just took a dive off my bike last night. No big deal.”
“No big deal.” He pins me with a glare. “Right. Just like the time your finger was bending ninety degrees the wrong way. Are we talking *that* kind of no big deal?”
“I’m fine. Really.”
He gives up with a shrug. “Whatever. Liar. I’ll meet you in the weight room.”
A quick and scalding shower later and I’m moving through the training center toward the weight room. I shove through the double doors.
“’Bout time,” Blake says and drops his leg press weights hard for emphasis.
“You ready for some real competition?” I grin and throw my arms out to my sides. “I’m here. Lets spar.”
“Rex, dude. Easy with that shoulder.” Caleb pipes up like a tattle-tailing little brother.
The guy's a good friend, but sometimes he feels more like nagging chick.
Jonah drops his weights back onto the rack. “What’s up with your shoulder?”
I glare at Caleb, but answer Jonah. “Nothing.”
Blake laughs and steps to me, his arms crossed over his chest. “Nothing? You sure?”
“I endo’ed my dirt bike last night. Probably just a strain.”
“Yeah?” He shoves my shoulder.
Ow! Fuck. I swallow my answering growl and instead step up closer to him. “See. I’m fine. But if you’re scared, maybe you should see if Killer can spar with you. Someone a little more your speed.”
Blake’s eyes get tight and I feel the slow grin spread across my lips.
“Fuck you. Octagon in five.” Blake stomps from the room.
Jonah and Caleb are frowning.
I throw my arms up. “What? He started it.”
“Don’t fuck around, T-Rex.” Jonah grabs his towel and wipes his face. “If you’re hurt you shouldn’t be training.”
“I said I’m fine.”
“You’re not acting like you’re fine,” Caleb says.
“He’s right. You’re babying that arm—“
“Who the fuck died and made you guys my parents?”

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