Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kiss an Angel


Alex and Daisy met and got married in a somewhat unorthodox way -- arranged marriage. Well in this day and age it is not unheard of but it is not practiced in most cultures. They went through all kinds of hell with dealing with each other and the people around them, they weren't unscathed but they've survived it and had their happily ever after. 


I loved her character! She was a complete contradiction but I liked it. She was pampered yet she overcame it and worked hard in the carnie mucking elephant dung and taking care of the animals in the menagerie and doing her spec. She's stubborn, determined, funny at times and has her high standards when it comes to morality.


Alex is cold, proud, alpha male who believes he can get everything he wants in his own way but he got a handful and a half with Daisy. He warmed up to Daisy and eventually showed his real self, gladly it wasn't all that late.

I loved, loved, loved their story! It wasn't boring and they had an amazing chemistry. There's alot of twists and turns and unexpected things that happened in this book. I did not regret picking it up.

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