Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Me, Cinderella?

3 to 3.5 STARS

Got an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Me, Cinderella? A dainty, feminine orchid, destined to be plucked? No. I was Artemis, strong and intelligent and cunning.

This is the fourth student-teacher affair that I've read but by far this is the least intense story. It's a refreshing change and I liked it however, there could've been more done for their story. I felt like it lacked luster and all throughout the book it's too mellow. It's anticlimactic

h: I liked that Brynn is smart, is not dependent on others and she's determined to be "with" her mother again. 

H: From all the heroes that I've read, Elliot is the least alpha of them all. He is subdued but broody. I'm not sold with his character.

The story could hold more promise based of the description, I was kinda disappointed when I finished the book. I was like, "That's it!?". It felt like the characters and the ending of the story were underdeveloped.

Would I recommend this book? Maybe, yes.

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